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The Giter Starter Kit: Your Official Start to Success!

The Giter Starter Kit is the official start of your success! The business tools included in the kit will help you get started on your journey.

Starter Kit Includes:

45 Testers by 3 ml Each
2 Perfumes 50 ml Each
50 Test Sticks
1 Catalogue with Giter Products
2 Promo Booklet


Start your business with Giter World

Step 1: Buy the Kit

Ready to take the first step towards building your successful fragrance business? Purchase the Giter Starter Kit today and unlock a world of opportunities with Giter World!

Step 2: Place Your First Order

Place your first order with the starter kit at the distributor price (minimum 10 points). Purchasing the Starter Kit and Giter products for 10 points will activate your Distributor Agreement in the company's computer database and will open you up to:

  • Use the entire range of company products at the distributor’s price.
  • Engage in direct sales.
  • Build your own distribution network and make a profit from the entire turnover of your network, according to the company’s MP.
  • Participate in all Giter World marketing programs.

Direct Sales

Direct sales, building a distribution network, warehouse profit from servicing your own network or region.

  • Income from the first day of registration
  • Profit margin for sold goods is between 50% and 70%. This profit is added to the price you set as a partner when selling products to customers.
  • The program is flexible allowing you to plan your schedule. You don't have to quit your job.
  • Collaborating with Giter™ is a way to earn income regardless of your previous sales experience.

Building a Distribution Network

If you possess sales abilities and have the ability to effectively train others in those skills you will have the opportunity to build a team of people who will generate passive income for you through their sales efforts, within your business network.

Engaging partners, for your network is a daily activity. Leading meetings and presentations becomes easier when you understand what results can be achieved.

  • Your rank will be permanently established, and bonuses will depend on the total business volume in your network.
  • Monthly bonus payments.
  • Starting from the Director rank, you will receive a guaranteed 1 euro for each bottle sold in your network. Statistics according to the company's marketing plan.

We offer opportunities for everyone!

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